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Direct Linking Images (please Read)

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Hello there everyone!

I have a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I know some of you have avatars under your member name and while they are beautiful, I have noticed that some of the images are being "directly linked" from another website.

Directly linking images from someone's site other than your own causes the webmaster's bandwidth to run out, costing them money and could possibly shut down their site. Please take this into consideration as this is not permitted in this forum.

For those of you who may not know what BANDWIDTH is, a simple description for bandwidth, is the resources a site uses on the computer whose server their site is housed on. Each time a file like a page, image, animation or music, etc. is loaded from a site, it is using a certain amount of resources or bandwidth from the computer it is on. You can also think of bandwidth similar to the electricity your refrigerator takes to run. When someone links directly to an image on someone else's server instead of copying it to their own computer and then uploading it to their own server, it is similar to your neighbor running a cord over to your outlet to run his own refrigerator. While it is convenient for them, it is the person that has the plug-in that has to pay for the extra usage.

There are many servers that set a limit to the amount of bandwidth a site may use each month and after that limit is reached, a site may be closed and the webmaster sends a large bill that must be paid before they can open their site again. Some webmasters can not afford this and may be forced to close their site permanently.

There are some very simple steps that you can take to unsure that you are not stealing someone else's bandwidth.

1.) Always copy the images you want to use to your own computer, and them upload them to the directory on your own site.

To copy an image using a PC. Hold your mouse over the image you want to copy and click the right mouse button. When the drop down menu appears select "Save As" and you will be given another menu so you can select the file name and location of where you want to save the image. On A Mac, hold down the right mouse button and follow a similar route.

2.) Make sure that the image is being loaded from your own directory instead of the site where you original got it.

If the image you want to load is in the same directory as the page you want to display it on, the HTML code is simply


Note your code should never look like:

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM or e-mail one of the admins.


After Silence Administrators

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I'm boosting this topic because it is happening again. Anyone who direct links images from another website will have their images deleted and could be banned for breaking forum rules. If you need to post an image, please upload it to your server (if you own a website) or get a free account with PhotoBucket.

So show yourself, your pets, whatever images but please make sure that you are not linking it from another site.

Thank you,


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