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Why Cant I Post On Certain Topic?

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there are two topics that when i try to post it says it is "read only" and it wont let me post on the topic. i dont understand so if anyone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated. :hug:

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If it say read only that means the board mods or admin have set that post that way. There are several posts like that around the forums, such as rules etc. Hope that helps :flowers:


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if youre talking about in Humor and Silliness, Ashley-Michelle said there was some glitch that effected only that forum where it became a read only forum. She said theyre working on it :)

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We're still working to get it resolved. There seems to have been an issue with the most recent upgrade that only impacted certain areas of the board, like our chat room, where there are random colors being thrown around. :blink:

Unfortunately, it's taken a little longer to be resolved than expected, but we appreciate your patience!

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