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Reintroducing Myself

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Hi, I'm Megan.

I'm 17 and a junior in high school.

I stopped using this site for a few months because I didn't feel I had the right to. I blamed myself for what happened, and realized that it probably couldn't have even been considered "sexual assault". So now I'm just saying my "incident". I'm back, because regardless of the label of what happened to me, I felt sexually violated. I have PTSD which has greatly influenced my life. I know a lot of you have been through things a million times worse than me, and that I have no right to complain in many peoples eyes. But I've suffered too. And I hope the AS community can once again accept me here.

Thank You.

:candle: Megan

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Welcome back hun.

You have just as much right to be on here just like everyone else, no matter how much or how little happened to you. Just like those who feel like their pain isn't as great as another', their pain and their story is just as important as one who had a lot to overcome.

We are here for you. And I'm glad that you have found support in us.


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Hey Megan. I am happy to see you back, noticed you were gone. I was gone for a few as well, I understand how tough it can be. :hug:

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Welcome back, Megan. :tealribbon:

Sexual abuse/assault covers many different scenarios. We don't look at our experiences as being less or more than anyone else's. Everyone who was abused/assaulted deserves to be here. I'm glad to see you back. :tealribbon:

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WB to AS. :)

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It is good to see you back - i noticed u were gone, we talked in chat a few times.

Everyone has a different story hon and it does no good to measure levels of pain - u are hurting and u have had bad experiences, u should be here and i am glad u came back.

Take gentle care. Love Alie.x :hug:

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Welcome back. I too had to name what had happened to me. I finally came up with memories. It is difficult.

I am glad you have decided to return


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Welcome back honey,

Please never think of yourself as having 'less' pain than any of us, or that you don't deserve to be here. You do, and we care very much about you and your healing.

Kia kaha wahine ma (stand strong, beautiful woman)



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As I say a lot Don't minimize your trauma. Don't maximize mine. You have been through so much we all have no matter what the circumstances, we all here to support one another and no one judges anyone on what they have been through however different the situations are! Feel proud of the steps you have taken of recovery.

Welcome back! Take care of yourself.


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Dear Megan, I am glad you have come back for support. I just want you to know you have every right to be here. Even one incident of trauma can be as horrific as something that has happened repetitively. Trauma is trauma and we all react different ways. We are her for you.

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