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Announcement: Private Messaging System

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Dear After Silence family,

The private messaging feature on this board enables members to keep contact without sharing personal information such as e-mail addresses and IP numbers. That being said, please do not use the private messaging system to share personal information of any kind: Name, Address, Phone Numbers or any identifying information. Do not pressure anyone into providing you with their personal information. This is for YOUR safety. After Silence will not be held liable should you choose to share this information.

You may share IM/E-mail information as long as:

  • It isn't posted anywhere on the forum other than on your profile.
  • It may be shared via PM as long as you're not being pressured to do so.
  • It does not contain personal information such as full names and/or school/work information.

Do not use the PM system to threaten, harass or spam other members.

Engaging in actions mentioned above will result in termination of membership here at After Silence.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a member of the moderating team.

Thank you,


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