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Hello To All Of You


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Hello everyone,

Here's a bit of background for the curious.

Both of my children were molested as well as my current wife. The victimization of my peeps has been ever present as long as I can remember. It really pissed me off. My wife and I collaberated on a book that is currently in limbo.

So, as a 41 year old retired investigator seeking a new career path, I decided to make a documentary about child molestation in a broad scope. My family of course is supporting this endeavor and are main characters, but I intended to speak with other victims of CSA. In our state, the only "domestic violence" support hotline does not serve the CSA community. I have repeatedly asked to speak with a supervisor regarding the issue to no avail.

Wow! That led me to seek other avenues and I wound up here. I hope that I can offer some assistance via our experiences as my wife and son are doing well and have healed beyond imagination.

I am concerned that the molesting community is so organized while the victim support systems seem very lacking.

Anyhow, keep up the good fight, all who have been victimized. I have seen the difficulties caused by integrating such horrible experiences into the complete person.

My best to all and I don't mind answering questions should you have any.


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Hello, and welcome to AS. :)

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Thanks A Little...,

You are going through a difficult period, If you wish to talk, I'm here for you!

First best piece of advice that I hated but was given often I offer to you;

Don't do anything stupid!!!

There is a forum specifically for vitims to relate their stories. Maybe as "secondaries" we should start one so the stories aren't all over the place. Kind of a one stop shop for those trying to figure out how to deal with the situation.

If you need to talk, you know where to find me,


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