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I'm New And Glad To Find The Board

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I am just past the one year mark since the beginning of my abusive relationship (it ended about six months ago). The relationship lasted for over three years before the sexual and other abuse began. I think it's time for me to find somewhere where others know what I'm going through. I have the support of a couple close friends, but they can't completely understand all the troubles which haunt me. I hope this forum can be a comforting place of understanding. It is nice to "meet" you guys.

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Hey AutumnFalls,

I'm really glad you've come here and I really hope Aftersilence can be a place where you can come and let it all out and be understood and validated for your feelings, I really hope this place can give you that, and I am almost cetain it will, as it has done this for me.

I think you're very brave for coming here and speaking out, it's a very good thing to do, and as I fellow survivor I am very proud of you! I look forward to seeing you here at AS, and hope you find the comofort and validation you deserve here :bighug: This really is such a wonderful understanding, and caring community :hug:

John :flowers:

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hey Autumn,

Welcome to AS! I am sure you will find lots of support and encouragement here! :youcanheal::supportu::notalone::wave:


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:wave: Autumn. Welcome to AS!


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