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Newbie Here

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Hi everyone. I'm new here and a little nervous about it. I'm 18 and in my first year of college. I was abused my two men. Two neighbors.. one of which we were so close he was a thrid grandfather to me. he was arrested and died in prison. The 2nd one well i just told about 8 months ago and he was arrested but the DA did not file charges because it happened a while ago. So he's not going to get in anymore trouble. The abuse went on for 4 1/2 years and once again when I was 12. I hope i can find some help here and futher my healing. I've been in therapy for 1 year and 5 months so maybe this can help me as well. I'm kinda nervous about being here but i think its a good place.....


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Hello Kel. Welcome. :) I'm new as well and was alittle overwhelmed at first too! I just took my time and found that this board is fantastic. Tons of support and understanding. So again welcome!


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I'm glad you found AS, I'm new too. From your post I can tell you are a strong woman & your have been through a lot....

Come on in, at your own pace. Welcome!


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Welcome to AS ..:hug:

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Hi Kel,

Welcome to AS. I am glad that you are seeing a therapist, that is great. It can really help you to heal. Being in a support group, even on online one, can be incredibly healing.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


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Welcome to AS Kel! We are here to listen! Good for you in reaching out, dont be nervous, we are here to support you and help you heal!


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Welcome to AS! I found this site this year too...i am 18 and in first year of college as well!! This site has really helped me...hope it does the same for you! Stay strong and keep fighting!!! :hug:

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