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5 Important Guidelines For The Chat

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Dear all,

We would like to remind everyone that the chat should be used as an additional tool to help you as you proceed in your healing. We have been made aware of some inappropiate behavior happening in the chat and would like to remind everyone that there are 5 important rules of conduct to be observed while using the AS Chat.

  1. You are not allowed to swear at other members in chat. If you are upset, leave the chat; do not swear at other members.
  2. After Silence does not tolerate any form of discrimination. Expressing negative judgments in regard to a person's sexual orientation, religion, race, and ethnicity is STRICTLY prohibited both in the Board and in the Chat.
  3. No member should be ignored, unless they discriminate and/or post hateful comments (or are trolls).
  4. Please do not conduct yourself romantically in chat. If you have established a deep and respectful relationship with another member of this forum, we are delighted for you. However, please don't make other members uncomfortable by bringing your relationship in the chat room
  5. Please do not "chat" about wanting to kill/harm yourself. Members experience great distress and feelings of helplessness when you do.
Violating any of these 5 basic rules may, and most likely will, result in loss of posting privileges.

Your compassion and understanding is what makes After Silence a safe place for women and men who have been through a horrific violation, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping After Silence safe.

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