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New but also not new?

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Hello! I joined this forum several years ago in the really intense part of my therapy work. It was such a supportive community then. And then went on and had some life experiences, got married and started a family. I had been working on my stuff on my own with an occasional check in session. I also began being more open with some of my trauma history and speaking out. 
More recently, I started regular sessions again with my old therapist as I’m learning I still have these trauma responses and it’s frustrating me. 
So here I am, back to where I found support before to see if it might help again. 

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Welcome back!!!  I too am a long-time member that returned to reconnect after taking a break.

Glad you're back!  We're here to support.

All the best,

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Welcome back! Nice to meet you! I'm glad you returned. :supportu: It sounds like you've done a lot over the years, which is really commendable. ❤️ I'm sorry that you're still having trauma responses, though, but you know we're all here for you to offer support. And I hope that your T sessions go well and help, too. Wishing you all the best!


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Welcome back. You are always welcome here at AS. I'm glad to hear that you have been working with your therapist. Healing is tough and it's a long process, but you will get there. The site is still filled with supportive and caring people and you can post whenever you feel comfortable. Wishing you all the best. 

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Welcome back, brokenangel.

I am sorry there are still struggles that you face, but I am so glad you remember this community. Many of the names may have changed, but this group remains understanding, kind, and supportive. 

Feel free to look around and find your footing once again. We are here for you. Wishing you the best as you continue to work at finding ways that will help you continue down this path we call healing.


:aswelcomesu: back. :throb: 

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Hello @brokenangel21 and welcome back to After Silence.  I'm sorry to hear the aftermath of trauma is affecting you again but I'm glad you are back.  Take your time getting re-acquainted with the site and if you have any questions feel free to message me.  

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