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Hello I am new

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Hello. I am new and just now opening up and talking about what happened to me. I have a lot of physiological symptoms from my assault that are affecting my quality of life and so I am finally ready to start my path to healing before it kills me. I am incredibly scared right now and full of shame about what has happened to me. Fortunately the veil of denial is lifting and I am somehow obtaining the courage to reach out. I feel like a hostage to my emotions and struggle to get out of the house as the one year anniversary approaches. But I fought through today and am outside at least looking at other human beings. I feel like I need to watch normal people living so I can remember what it is like. In posting this message I feel like I have taken one step closer to coming out of the darkness that has somehow overshadowed my mind. 

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Hi Tirzah,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what happened to you nearly a year ago, it was wrong, as nobody has the right to hurt you so. Be assured tho that you will find tons of support from our understanding and kind members. You are not alone. You are truly correct in saying this is a step...it's a huge one. I was one who spent many years in denial and it only makes things very difficult. You have taken this huge step and I wish you many more on this journey of healing.



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Welcome to AS @Tirzah, it's very courageous of you to join and reach out. I hear how terrified and ashamed you're feeling, they're common feelings associated with trauma. It's easier to say than believe but what happened was not your fault, at all and the shame doesn't belong to you. Sending you support as the one year anniversary approaches.


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Dear @Tirzah,

I'm sorry for all the pain you've had to endure, but it sounds like you are already starting to take courageous steps in the direction of healing.  This is a site full of kind and understanding people and we are there to help and support each other.  Take your time reading through all the different forums we have available and post whenever you feel comfortable.

Sending you peace and healing,

Gold Raindrops

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Hi Tirzah, I am also new and it sounds like you are having very similar psychological systems as me. I can be here for! ❤🕯

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