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Returning... I guess?

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Hello all.

I've been gone for 2.5 years, and who knows if anyone remembers me, but here I am again, because... I guess I need to be. I'm just dipping my toes in for now, because I'm kind of burnt out on people (which is a problem since people are my job), but I also need people. Quite the conundrum. 

Quick recap of new and old info:

  • Single mom to 4 (now all teenagers).
  • Person with DID (always a joy).
  • Currently 6 months away from my Master's degree (can't come soon enough).
  • Survivor of more than I care to admit (these are not boxes I enjoy ticking). 
  • Generally grumpy about the current state of the world (I worry about people who aren't). 

There's my nut-shell. 


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You must have left just before I registered. Hiya :) Kinda sorry to welcome you back, but pleased to meet you.

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Hi welcome back @beyondthismoment I remember you, of course. That's awesome you're getting a Master's degree! Take as much time as you need to settle in here. We're here for you whenever you need support. 

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Hi Beyond,

Welcome back to the site. I think I was new, at the time or just after you left. I do remember your name. :)  I'm sorry things have become difficult again, but I am happy to know you remembered was only an AS throw away. The site has grown, but there are still many understanding and kind members to help you along. I wish you the best as you continue this journey of healing.



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