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Hello! Looking to grow, and help others grow themselves

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My name is Anna. I'm a 21 year old survivor in school at the University of Georgia. I've been dealing with my trauma, mostly on my own, for three years. I like to think that I'm constantly feeling better, getting better, and am a very hopeful person in general. I'm a student by day, and a bartender by night :) I love my job, my friends, and living life to the fullest. I also am the emcee for an improv group on campus that preforms at a lot of conventions. I enjoy studying languages, writing, cooking, and knitting, and lots of other things. I also love TV!

I'm currently in therapy and was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I've dealt with anxiety disorders my whole life, so there's also that... But I'm hoping by reaching out on here, I'll be able to talk through some of my feelings and maybe give more recent survivors a little hope. It's just nice to find a place where people understand. I still have issues with trust, and I'm working on them. But it'd be nice to make some new friends, and be part of a support network.


Hoping to meet some great new people,


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Hi Anna,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry that you experienced trauma, but you have found a very supportive site. The members are understanding and kind. It seems you have a lot of fun and interesting things in your life, which I know must help, but talking with others survivors can also be helpful. You will find many forums and many issues discussed on this site. It is wonderful that you want to give support, as well as receive it. It's almost therapeutic in itself to support others, I know. I wish you well in your healing journey.



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Yes, I think it'll be very helpful just to have some people I can talk to. I'm very happy to have found this site, I feel like it'll help me a lot to just talk through some things that are difficult to discuss with people who haven't gone through the same sort of thing.

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I Anna,

Welcome! i'm pretty new too and I've found that this site is full of really supportive and friendly people. You sound like a really nice and fun person and I am sorry that you've gone through some trauma. Looking forward to seeing you around the forum! 

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