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As Chat - Just Wondering

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I think this server they are using, was not as good as the one they used. Too bad the last one lost all of our posts, or we might still have that server. But I think that chat has been down again, for a little while. Not sure why they are not getting it fixed. Or maybe it can't be, idk. But yeah it does suck, when chat is down consistently and you really want to be able to live chat with those that understand how you feel. I wish I had an answer for you. Please know that the boards may not be as quick a way to discuss what is on your mind, but you will get support this way too. Maybe message a administrator, about your concerns over the chat issue? ((((((((((((((((((((((Moon)))))))))))))))))))))))


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Administrator are only person that can fix this. And they are not here very much any more. It is maybe very quick thing fixing but will take time for administrator knowing it is problem and making time coming fix it. There are time before it is mistake when administrator forget paying bill for chat room. Some time is problem with chat room program that AS have no control with. We do not ever know because never tell us. It is down more time then up any more~

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Thank you Silent and Samii for input! I agree they do not ever tell us and the admins seem pretty absent from the site. Luckily most of the people on this board are a pretty brilliant bunch. We seem to keep on top of keeping this community together along with the mods very well.

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An administrator was notified about the chat room being down but we have not heard anything back from them yet. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon!

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