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Me In A Nutshell

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Straight off, let me say that I have never tried anything like this before. I considered it in the past, finding a support group, and talked myself out of it dozens of times. But I'm here now, although honestly I am not sure what to expect. The thought of committing to something like this scares me to death,truly, but I am willing to give it a shot now. I am a professional, a teacher of elementary children, and the reason I am attempting to connect with other survivors now is because I had a recent epiphany. It boils down to the bare bones of needing to come to some form of acceptance finally, in order to overcome issues rooted in the event from long ago. Hopefully connecting with other survivors will assist, and hopefully I can assist others.

So, about me in a nutshell: I'm a teacher, as I said, with 15 years in education under my belt. I'm a creative, compassionate person, and the proud mother of two beautiful little girls. I am a musician, and play a number of instruments, as well as sing. I enjoy fiddling around with writing fiction...and I read all the time. My imagination is constantly in play. I am officially a bookworm, although sometimes the current technology admittedly makes me stray from my books. I love cats, but am fine with other animals, even to the point of owning a snake for a handful of years. I dabble with gaming and jewelry making.

I am one of those people who doesn't make friends easily (chalk that up to trust issues), but I am always friendly and courteous when in a social venue, as best as I can be; people have never questioned my professionalism and I'm pretty maternal when it comes to my students. In general, I take care of people to the best of my ability, sometimes to a fault. Depending on my mood, I can hover in a solitary corner at a social event, or strike up dozens of conversations with strangers. I fluctuate, I suppose. I try to be self-aware, and my motivations usually include what is best for the loved ones in my life. I've had tragedies, some very recent, but also plentiful successes over the years. I am strong in many ways, and insecure in others, which I believe is perfectly normal, survivor or not. I am a great listener, and empathetic. All in all, I hope I can contribute successfully here. So... greetings and salutations. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

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Hello Shadowed,

welcome to After Silence, my name is Paula and I'm one of the newbie support team here. After reading your post, I can reassure you that you are in a safe place here and I feel you will have a lot to offer others here which I hope in turn will help you too, If you need any help with the board, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time, I will do my best to help

take care,


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