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Posting About Suicide Issues

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We have noticed a general sense of confusion regarding the issue of suicide and particularly regarding what is considered "ok" to talk about and what not. Our guidelines read "Please do not post suicide notes or threats."

A suicide note or threat may look something like, "I can't take this anymore, I'm sorry I can't. I will kill myself" or "I can't take it anymore, I have decided to end it all" - or anything that may be considered connected to a wish to end one's life. For example, "I'm sitting here, I have no hope, I'm sorry there is only one thing to do" or "help me, I don't think I'll make it, I want to end it" etc.

Please don't ask for help here if you are thinking of killing yourself. If you feel there is no hope and you feel suicide is the only way, you must contact RAINN, your doctor, therapist, call a suicide hotline or 911.

While we are here for one another and wish to help one another through difficult times, we are not trained professionals and cannot help someone who is thinking of killing herself or himself. The situation needs to be handled by professionals, who have been trained to give the person the best advice and support. And because we do care for one another, the feelings of fear and frustration that we experience when someone post about wanting to commit suicide online are very distressful.

However, we don't want to censor the word or issue of suicide. We know all too well how many survivors have found themselves in moments of despair and feared there were no solutions. It is okay to post that we have been through such moments. We can post about PAST situations and share what we have been through in a particular dark moment. But it is NOT okay to post about imminent situations. If you have experienced a time in your healing in which you have felt close to end it but you have overcome that feeling, it is absolutely fine to share your journey here and your words may help others. What leaves the rest of the board feeling powerless is reading the post of someone who is in the MIDDLE of contemplating suicide. It is unfair for anyone here to make other members feel powerless and scared.

We hope this helps clear things up a little. If you are unsure that what you wish to post is permitted, feel free to contact a moderator and ask for assistance.


After Silence Moderators

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