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Not Sure Who To Tell...

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Wasn't sure who to tell so thought I would post here, feel free to delete or move this if I was wrong.

I stumbled across this forum and decided to join. After looking about, it took me all of two minutes to realise I was recognising usernames and the forums and I tried my original user name (one I couldn't use to register for some reason!) and realised I already had an account I signed up with 7 years ago!

This account I am using now is my original one but just registered as EmptyInside22, not sure what to protocol is for having two accounts other than that it's generally frowned on in most places, not sure if you want to remove new account or just let it fall by the wayside.

Just wanted to say that (in a slightly weird way...) its really good to be back!! My heart leapt when I saw names I recognised! People I came to really think of as friends and respect and I lost touch... amazing...

Hope everyone is well

EmptyInside x

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Hi Emptyinside,

Welcome back :flowers: I will look into this and get back to you. I am guessing we will delete the other account, since you are only allowed to have one account. Thank you for letting us know we appreciate it. :flowers:


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Not sure you were a mod when I was last here... but I remember you sadeyes :) a belated congrats on your post as acting mod then!

Thank you for understanding, am a bit embarrassed to realise I didn't even think to try logging in when the user name I wanted had already been chosen! If I need to do anything please just say.. am happy using this (original) account though sad to hear of all forum troubles that means I have lost most of my posts :(

EI x

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Just wanted to let you know I removed the other account for you, again thank you for letting us know right away :flowers:

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