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  1. She's gorgeous 🥰 Thanks for the welcome 😊
  2. Hello, well im "Charlee" (not my real name but I really like it (shar-lee not Charlie) and im here because ive endured emotional abuse, SA, rape & coercion and I havnt really had many positive and safe experiences with men.. I now suffer with depression, anxiety, cPTSD, body dysmorphia and an eating disorder (and SH). For the longest time I didnt link any of these behaviours to the abuse, I didnt even know I had cPTSD till 2019, and didnt know what anxiety was till a few years ago, and ive been suffering for about 10 years now. Im not coping well with all of this trauma. A lot of the
  3. Charlee


    Thats really tough, welcome, i'm new too and am trying to figure out how to heal. I hope you feel better soon
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