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  1. jazz101


    Heya , how you doing ? You've definitely come too the right place , share whatever you feel comfortable with and at you're own pace ā¤ā¤ There is no rush on you too share with us and you've made a good start by coming here .
  2. Heya , I'm sorry for what you're going through and feeling alone . Well let's be friends . We all can be friends . You are not alone anymore as we are here for you . You can talk too us anytime you want too . ā¤
  3. Sure thing , what's going on ?
  4. jazz101


    Heya, you've come too the right place ā¤ We are here for you when you need us and share as little or as much as you like . Whatever you are comfortable with .
  5. Heya and welcome. I love you're name , describes how I feel most days šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ We are all here for you when and if you need us . We will always support you no matter what ā¤
  6. Take you're time in sharing with us , share as much or as little as you like . Whatever you feel comfortable with, there is no rush. You're as normal as you can be. Normal hasn't really a definition . Also who wants too be normal , its boring šŸ˜‚ be different, be you , do you . ā¤
  7. Heya , it's good too have you here . We all are here for you . Self worth is a major thing we may tend to struggle with . But you will get there and we all will help you get too where you need too be . Just know you are worth it ā¤
  8. jazz101

    One Wild Ride

    Wow , you're just amazing . You've been through so much as for what I have read . It's incredible that you are here too share you're story . Good on you . Chin up lovely and I hope you're doing okay now ā¤ā¤
  9. You made me question my sanity . Question if I am worthy of a good relationship, or even if I'm worthy of love. I can't trust another person because of you. You made me wish I did die that night in hospital
  10. I'm alright thanks, it's good you're back šŸ™‚
  11. May forgive but never forget šŸ¤¢šŸ¤® Leave it go & stop
  12. jazz101


    @Dawn76 thank you so much , means alot ā¤
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