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  1. ACTUALLY... (lol) if shedding is a thing you hate, a persian is a wonderful pet choice They actually don't shed as much as some other cats, BUT the fur they do shed is so fricken long sometimes. I swear, i found a hair once that was 6 inches long., of my youngest. the problem is, they get a lot of mats. But, if you go to the groomer, and get what's called a lion shave (and it's so cute, they shave everything except for his mane and a little poof at the end of his tail so he looks like a lion) there is virtually No shedding... This is coming from someone who wears mostly black clothing, wi
  2. Hi! I am new to the forums here. I signed up for a few of them to see if anything "fit's" better. I am trying to find healthy ways to cope, I had a very unhealthy way of coping with my past, stopped that (in recovery now), but now I have nothing to help me cope, and I am left with some raw emotions. About me, I am 38. (I am told I LOOK 30 HAHA) It's so hard to describe myself because I am in such a dark place. I used to love drawing, crafting, and cross stitching. I don't get much pleasure in that at the moment, but it will come back. (this is normal for me, I go through phase
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