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  1. @8888 Thank you and I am sorry as well for anything you have been through. 💔 The letter did help a lot indeed
  2. @missfrier Hello Thank you for your support and I received the message indeed. Such a sweet thing to do and what an incredible group of people ❤️ Never thought the internet can be so loving. Love, Iris
  3. Hello @Astriid So sweet of you, thank you a lot! Indeed, I am incredible happy for all the support of friends and therapist. I decided to not tell my story to my family, as I don't want to pain them unnecessarily and they would go raging mad, and that's just not helping. I'm working on seeing myself as brave, so I appreciate it 😘 Thank you ❤️ Iris
  4. Hi @MeBeMary Thank you for the kind welcome ❤️ it is truly incredible this place exists! Already grateful for it and everyone Love, Iris
  5. Hi @mini.finch ❤️ Thank you for your kind words and the warm welcome. I am already finding this place very safe and supporting. Thanks also for the encouragement in writing the letter, I might post it here if it feels right and in the hope it would help someone who might be struggling. Take care 😍
  6. Hi, Celia I'm sorry you are going through this I can relate a lot to what you are saying. For me, it's with certain songs. Whenever they come up on the radio or whenever I want to listen to them, I cannot because it reminds me too much of the period I was in pain and the person who hurt me. Until one day, I decided to do something about it and to try to create a good memory around a particular songs. I had just met up with my best friend, the weather was nice, the sundown was astonishing. It was good day, I was feeling great and super powerful. So I put on the song as I was driving home
  7. Hi there 🦋 I found this website a few weeks ago and this is my first time posting. Finally gathered the courage to write something so here it goes. One year ago I took a decision which would change my life for the better: I left my boyfriend who was hurting me emotionally and physically. I have been lucky enough to have the support of my friends and my therapist. I find mediation and yoga incredible helpful as well. Since I'm in the midst of my "one year anniversary" of taking back the control over my own life, I was given the option by my therapist to write a letter to my younger se
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