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  1. Welcome! It can be very hard to experience something traumatic and feel as if you have no one to talk to. This is a great place to talk to like minded people and please know you are not alone! -CJ
  2. Hi there. I'm so glad you're here! This is a wonderful place to begin to talk about these things. I too was videotaped and it made me feel disgusted and violated on a whole different level... I want to assure you none of this is your fault, and God is not punishing you! Be kind to yourself, and take time to really take care of you. You deserve it! CJ
  3. Thank you to everyone who responded! I'm glad to be back and can't wait to start meeting some of you!! -CJ
  4. You can call me CJ I was a member here about 10 years ago. I can hardly believe it's been so long! Being in this community so long ago really helped me feel less alone and gave me the strength to get help. So thank you to this site for being a big part of my recovery! Lately I've been looking at how far I've come and wondering what I can do to help others who are struggling. So I wanted to come back with my story, thoughts, experience and unending supply of virtual hugs to tell everyone that no matter how bad it is now, it WILL get better and I will be here to listen any time! Next
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