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  1. Well, I'm still having pain a week later, so I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow.... plus they have to re-do the impressions which I find overwhelmingly triggering.  Not looking forward to it at all.

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    2. abhaya


      Yes, please.  My husband's work schedule means that he won't be able to drive me there, so I will have to drive myself, and wait to take my anxiety meds until right before so I can be safe to drive... He will then take a public transit or uber or something to get to the dentist so that he can get me home since I won't be safe to drive after.  I usually have him with me the whole time because it helps me to feel safe.  I really like my dentist and he's always been safe with me, but I have to admit going there at the end of the day, by myself, and it'll likely just be me, the dentist and the assistant there at that time makes me feel really anxious.  Plus the impressions are so hard for me... I'm really not looking forward to it, but I'm glad to get the pain dealt with asap, so I'm going anyway.

    3. Field8


      I'm so sorry that you are going through all that. Sending healing vibes and sitting with you.

    4. abhaya


      Thanks so much @Field8, I appreciate it.

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