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  1. @boxergal30 I am glad youre here and glad i found this space, too. I am sorry if my .. zealousness, my excitement made you feel pressure or discomfort. I am learning that healing happenes on our own time and just wanting you to know youre supported!
  2. Hi @boxergal30! YES- 2020 is time to heal~ we can do it! I also just joined the group after a a similar late night search, followed by a quandary to several local therapists... Please let me knnow if you'd like to be penpals (of sorts)? No pressure- just exercising my "sharing" and "openness" muscles which are very tight. Have a lovely day~
  3. Hi~ I found this community because 10+ years after many traumatic experiences, I find my present day-to-day haunted by them... Not trusting myself or others, loving yet doubting, not able to focus and getting small. I know I matter. I know I am amazing and I know I can do and be better. I believe in us...!
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