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  1. Thinking of you and hoping you're OK? Missing you 💜 🖤 💙

    1. MeBeMary


      :throb:  :hug:  :throb:  


    2. mini.finch


      Ditto this. Sending you support and hugs. :hug:

  2. @WendyAlone and @Celia Thank you both for the ideas and feedback. 🦋
  3. Hello all wonderful Newbies, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows about an excellent resource that has trained counselors and support helplines 24/7. Apparently a lot of the smaller local women’s centers/sexual abuse-assault centers have limited hours on weekends and holidays. If you’re in distress, please check out RAINN. https://www.rainn.org https://www.rainn.org/recovering-sexual-violence RAINN offers 24/7 safe, private, confidential help over the phone helpline (for US residents) and thru an online chat/text helpline for everyo
  4. That really stinks that you got turned down for intense trauma counseling. I think that we all do the best we can at the time of the trauma... it’s such a terribly difficult time... Have you talked to your mother and sister about the possibility of reporting your attacker? Will they support you? It sounds like there will be additional support available thru victims services and probably advocates too... But I think that the most important thing is to consider what would be best for you, and what would you like to do... And maybe afterwards you can consid
  5. Welcome back Dawn! I’m glad you remembered that there is lots of great support here for you. 💙
  6. Love your snowflake! So beautiful 💜

    1. 8888


      Thank you, your cat is nice too!  💜

  7. @Little Bo-PeepB I'm sorry for the trauma you experienced. I also have intractable seizures, temporal lobe/complex partial with secondary generalization. I understand the frustration and fears associated with being vulnerable. I always get an aura/warning, but can't tell how much time I have before the seizure. I'm glad you found After Silence. 💚
  8. feralcat

    Just tired

    Please listen to your self and do what you need to do to take good care of yourself. That is the highest priority. 💜💜💜
  9. You rock Cap! Please keep spreading the word and we will each do the same... And Please consider teaching or public policy administration (hoping that's the right phrase for the folks who can formulate the rules and oversight for fixing the damn system), and All of us will work to raise our voices and relentlessly demand that the broken system be fixed! feralcat
  10. @Enigma87 I totally agree with Viceless -- this man abused his power. As kids we're taught to respect and obey authority figures like teachers. He took advantage of you. He coerced and pressured you into doing what he wanted. He didn't care that you said no. This man is a predator. I think it's important to separate the physical and emotional stuff. The human body is built to respond to sexual stimulation. He tried to use your physical responses to "prove" that meant that you emotionally wanted to have sex. Don't buy into that. You walked in the room saying "no". He ignored yo
  11. Thank you so much for your support and kindness 

  12. Not sure where to put this, an idea for a writing topic:

    How do you evolve enough that when you hear the phrase "self care" you don't immediately roll your eyes, shake your head, and make the finger-down-the-throat vomit hand gestures?

    1. Capulet


      😂  Ohhhh, I know that gesture ALL too well. Hahaha.  I'm definitely writing this one down!!!  

    2. sweetfeather5


      Ah yes, the corny language that tends to surround mental health 😂

  13. Hi Samantha,

    Just checking in to see how you're doing today... I hope the day is going a little better for you. :)Feel free to pm me any time. And take good care of yourself.

    Hugs!  :hug:


    1. samantha2009


      I have had a pretty decent day so far. I really am craving alcohol but I am trying so hard to push that from my mind ! :(

      Thank you for being a wonderful, caring person @feralcat 💜


      sam 🖤

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