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  1. I´ve cleaned out my part of the apartment, packed everything and got my furniture delivered to my dorm room today. The student's association were nice and let me move in early as I am having a guaranteed spot in the fall. I have plenty of more space and storage area now, and the rent is basically the same as this place. I have two new roommates. One is in vet school and the other one has four paws and a very moving tail. 🐾

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    2. WannaMoveOn


      @behindthesehazeleyes Agronomist, soil and crops 

    3. behindthesehazeleyes


      Oohhh cool. I went to what we consider a agricultural college but ended up getting a degree that I don’t even use now haha

      what are you wanting to do?

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @behindthesehazeleyes You did? Well, that's nice to know since I don't know too many considering a degree within agricultural science. I believe there will be lots of developing within efficiency of agriculture, alternative indoors farming and urban agriculture. I'd like to jump on that train and help finding ways to provide a growing global population with food and as well make crops more nutritious. 

  2. Wrapping, packing, boxing... wrapping, packing boxing! I am only cleaning out my room, what will it be that day I get my own apartment, with own furniture? Guess what I'll do at work tomorrow? Wrapping, packing, boxing... I work in the the storage section, taking donated items in and sorting them. Boyee, I could qualify for Santa's Little Helper soon! 

    1. mini.finch


      Wanna, official Santa's Little Helper! How cute! You're a hard worker! Good luck with all of that!

    2. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch Thank Thee! It's scary how my belongings, fitting in one room, requires nearly 10 boxes, and then none of the furniture is mine. 

  3. I volunteer worked for about 4 hours today, and had an interesting conversation with my boss. He is so nice and sympathetic, working everyday with employees who have their own struggle of trauma and rehabilitation. Also, a woman asked me if I'm pregnant since she found my extra belly layer being so firm.... hehe, what does one say to that? 

    Now I am home, waiting for my dinner roasting in the oven. There's vegan nuggets, beets, onion and potatoes. We have this holiday called "Valborgsmässafton" in Sweden today, where we are supposed to celebrate spring with a huge fire. This year though, people are adviced to celebrate from home and only with family.  

    Happy Friday, guys! 

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    2. Anonymous4


      Happy Friday! @WannaMoveOn Trevlig Valborg too! ☺

    3. WannaMoveOn


      @Anonymous4 Trevlig Valborg! Hoppas du får en bra kväll 😉 

    4. Anonymous4


      Tack! Ha en bra kväll du med! 😊 @WannaMoveOn

  4. I helped with online children's church this morning, went away with the waste sorting and then back home for a shower. I made rice and chicken for dinner. Tomorrow, I'll start to rehears some chemistry for uni in the fall. Hope everyone's okay. 

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    2. WannaMoveOn


      @jazz101 yes, it's a nice way to apply yourself and get aware about the needs in society. 

    3. Anonymous4
    4. WannaMoveOn


      Well hello there @Anonymous4 How are you today?

  5. @Hiddenstars Hello and welcome back to After Silence! I am Wanna I assume we haven't met. Nice to meet you! Since this community tends to shift a bit regarding active members, you'll probably make many new acquaintances. We have some "veterans" left as well. I do hope you'll be able to continue your journey here. I am sorry you lost your community, building that kind of relationship to a group takes time. You don't have to own up for the support your receive here, just leave some kind words and advice whenever you feel like it. After Silence is in first hand here for you Fe
  6. @satinmoth Hello Satin and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna I am sincerely and deeply sorry about your trauma. The pain and struggle takes a toll, but you are certainly not alone. After Silence carries kind members who form a warm support system. I understand that it's hard to keep it all for yourself, but you are not supposed to either. Finding your voice patterns a way towards healing, i the pace that suits you the best. Please know that you carry no guilt in this, and that we believe you 110%. We have survivors with DID here as well, and we generally talk a lot about mental
  7. So yesterday, me and my bf were hitting it off with movie night.  We had crisps, candy, soda and pizza. As I am into the spicy area, I had chili crisps and onion crisps with a side of pepsi max. My pizza had lots of meat and garlic sauce. This morning, I decided it was work out time. You can guess what my poor tummy thought of that.  I have rewarded it with a hot shower and tea now... just learn from the expert, do not declare war against your own stomach like this 😄 

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    2. mini.finch


      Sounds like a great night! Lots of yummy food! 😄 I'm not good with spicy food, but everything still sounds yummy. ❤️ Sorry though about your tummy rebelling with the exercise! Take it easy!

    3. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch I do this every weekend, even if this one was a bit extra. I wouldn't be motivated to stick with my food plan if I didn't get to eat my dear junk food at Fridays and Saturdays :) 

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @jazz101 Swedish specialty. We love throwing junk food on junk food :) 

  8. @jazz101 Any time. I was about 18 when I started out my own healing journey, so I believe that helps me to relate in some ways. I hope you'll find what you need here
  9. Hey there! I'll go with Jazz, it's a cool nickname, even if Jazmine is really pretty. I am Wanna! Don't worry, I'm 21 and look like 16 at times. I like animals too, but I prefer those you can cuddle and take for walkies. This is a safe spot for you to hang out and connect with fellow survivors. We talk about anything here, from coping and trauma to plain everyday stuff. Our members are kind and understanding, forming a warm support system. I personally believe every survivor should have a community to count on. I am sincerely sorry for what you've been through. You own your s
  10. Hello there @SparklingJedi and welcome to After Silence, I am Wanna. I also choose to not give away my name here, not just for safety reasons. This is my safe spot to share whatever is on my mind without having to mind mean gossip, and I hope you'll find the same comfort here too. You don't have to share anything to feel uncomfortable with, just take things your pace. As @8888 said, only certain posts are available for non-members. This platform is a great way to connect with fellow survivors, to always sense support and no judgement. Please know, that we believe you. I am sincerel
  11. Hello and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna I am sincerely sorry for your pain and struggle to cope. I assure you, you're not alone with that. Trauma hits us in many ways and we cannot always know how to deal with it. Luckily, this community carries kind members with great advice. We support each other here, and this is a place for you to heal at your own pace. We tend to relate to each other here Your hobbies sounds lovely. I understand if you struggle feeling joy to them right now, I sure have been there too. Don't put pressure on yourself to do anything, just take good care o
  12. @Noell2288 Hello and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna Good thing you found us! I personally believe that a community and professional help complete each other in a support system. This is a safe place to start sharing, just in the pace and amount you feel comfortable with. Every survivor's story is unique, but we tend to relate to another in a remarkable way. By connecting with fellow survivors, you'll learn that you're not alone and about new ways to cope. This platform is great to exchange advice and support. Please know that we fully believe you, and that you carry no g
  13. @LuluKlu Hello and welcome to After Silence, I am Wanna I am also glad you decided to join us, as it is important you get heard. I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and pain. Please know that you carry no guilt in this, and we fully believe you! As I am a bit late on this one, I'm guessing you've already browsed this website a bit. If so, you've probably recognized that we chat about anything here. From trauma and healing to just plain, everyday life. You can reach out any time to us staff if you would have any questions. Wishing you the very best upon your healing!
  14. I sent a  DM to a woman I follow on Instagram. She often issues topics like sexism and misunderstandings regarding sexual consent. She posted a story with some common excuses P use to R, such as "it's hard when she gives mixed signals". I replied, that if the signals are shifting, maybe they can ask if she still wants to go all the way or just take it easy. The creator answered "Exaaactly!" to me in a DM. I am so happy right now, she has like 50 k followers and gets DM:s all the time, and she replied to me :dance:

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    2. Free2Fly


      Lol well you never know :)

    3. mini.finch


      Woah! That is awesome! It's so exciting when a popular account/person replies to you! I've had that happen once, and it was like "ahhh!" ❤️ Congrats!

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch I had it happening to me once before, and yet I got just as happy this time as the one before. 

  15. I get you. Even if you've been out of denial for some time, putting yourself out there for help can be a lot. You might re-experiencing certain memories or emotions. You'll maybe realize even more about your past. The more we talk about it, the more it takes off the edge. It takes effort, but if you're patient with yourself and take things your pace, it will get easier with time. Here for you. Deep breaths! - W ☀️
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