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  1. Hello @Sageharris - and welcome to After Silence!!! I'm so sorry to learn of the circumstances under which you've arrived, but am glad you're here and that we can be a healing resource for you. It makes a world of a difference to be among other survivors who understand. I'm very confident that you'll make some very good connections here, and you'll see that you're not alone. You'll soon hear from a member of our Newbie Support Team. In the meantime, know I am here to help if you have any questions about the site. Just give a shout. Wishing you all the best in your healing jo
  2. Hi, @Andrea2603 - welcome back to AS! I echo all of those who have posted before me and hope that being here brings you peace, comfort and healing. Though the circumstances are not ideal, I am glad you're here. I can help you with merging your accounts. There is a message waiting for you in Help Desk. Would you check on that when you get a chance? If it's easier, you can send me a PM and we'll get that straightened out ASAP. Wishing you all the best, - Capulet
  3. Welcome to AS, @Reika! Although the circumstances are not ideal, I'm glad you've found us. I am hopeful you can begin to heal now that you are surrounded by others who can relate and understand what you're going through. Thank you for the lovely bird photo! Wishing you all the best, - Cap
  4. Capulet


    Hello, Nicole, and welcome to After Silence! Although we are not 'meeting' under ideal circumstances, I'm glad you are here. We are a great community to be part of. Though we all come from different walks of life, we all understand trauma. Like you, I held mine in/suppressed for several years before starting to deal with things. This site has been a true lifeline. I hope we can be the same for you. Again - welcome. Best wishes, Capulet
  5. Hello @IamSTRONGER444 - it's lovely to meet you, though the circumstances are not ideal. I do hope that being here will bring you peace, comfort and healing. Take very good care, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a holler. Best wishes to you, - Capulet
  6. Welcome to After Silence, @Smiling! Wishing you healing and positivity! Best wishes, - Capulet
  7. Well, folks… It’s been a minute? Or two? Or…like…six months? I have returned to this blog many times over the last six months with an itch to write. To vent, to yell, scream and cry on paper/screen. But, then, I’d close it out following an exasperated, ‘never mind.’ This is typical me, though. I tend to let things build up and then to sit down and write about it all will feel like a more daunting task because by then, there’s a lot that’s piled up and I’m more likely to be saying, ‘oh, yeah, and there was also THAT time….’ I suppose the moral of that story is to NOT stop tal
  8. Cap please help I sent you a DM



  9. Yeahhhhh.  That kinda day...thought this would make y'all smile. ❤️ 

    The sun'll come out tomorrow, maybe? 



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      Oh so cute.

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      So precious. ❤️ I want to boop his nose!! *boops* 

  10. Welcome, @Zargax!! Although I'm sorry you have reason to be here, I'm glad you're here and I hope you are able to make some connections with other survivors. That has made all the difference in the world for me. Take care, and again - welcome. Best wishes, Capulet
  11. Thank you, @jazz101 ❤️ I know these blog entries involve a LOT of reading, LOL. Still means a lot that you took the time. I appreciate it and you and your support.
  12. Capulet


    Welcome, @_Nikki_!! I'm sorry to hear that trauma has led you here, but am hopeful that the connections you will make here will greatly contribute to your healing success. ❤️ To be able to correspond with others who understand the impact of sexual trauma has been SO helpful for me. Take your time looking around! I look forward to getting to know you. Best wishes, Capulet
  13. Hi @RustyForgetful - welcome to After Silence. I am hoping you are able to find some answers, here. Best wishes on your healing journey. - Cap
  14. Capulet


    Hi @Vitacry - Welcome to After Silence. I'm so sorry you have reason to be here - those are never favorable circumstances. However, I applaud you on your decision to take the next steps in your recovery! We're glad to have you. You are definitely not alone and I hope that being here among others who understand will demonstrate exactly that. Best wishes, Capulet
  15. Hi @SmilingThroughIt and welcome to After Silence! Totally understand COVID making things difficult - many can relate to having to form connections virtually because the conditions of the pandemic have persisted. I hope that being here helps you to connect with others who can relate to your experiences. ❤️ Again - welcome. We support you!
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