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  1. And so it begins. Still young, yet innocence begins to fade. One little girl struggling to exist to understand to find her place, her frustration overwhelming. Beth takes her overwhelming emotions, and pours them out over Lorettia. Lorettia is smaller, weaker, unable to fight back, the perfect receptacle for Beth's overwhelming emotions, frustration and anger. At first it's verbal only, shouting, mean words. Quickly it escalates. A smack, a slap, arms wrenched. Lorettia runs, tries to escape. Again and again. 8, 10, 12. Words exchanged. Beth learns to swear, continues to grow stronger. Lo
  2. Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was the youngest of three girls in her family. She had a mom and dad, who loved their children but were very busy trying to keep everything afloat. They were Christians who prayed at every meal and went to church almost every time the doors opened. From the outside they looked like a happy loving family. Daddy worked hard-long hours to provide, and Mommy volunteered in the church and school. The oldest sister Dawn was a typical first-born, a little bossy, perfectionist, and seemed to do everything right. The middle sister, Beth, was a rebel, decid
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