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  1. Hi, would appear they probably had to rewrite the theme for the site. Quick note on Firefox focus the side menu where login button used to be isn't there any more, maybe I missed but does seem like it's not there anymore luckily I know the url for the login page so yeah. Certainly was an interesting error 500 page though.
  2. Free2Fly


    Safe hugs If ok?
  3. Welcome back Poppy, glad to see you again
  4. Free2Fly


    Safe hugs If ok?
  5. Hey, welcome back, I'm sorry that any of us have to have such horrible experiences in common. Sitting with you if ok?
  6. Woke up feeling rough today mentally of course and not quite sure how to deal with how I'm feeling..

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    2. Free2Fly


      @tuliptorn, thank you :) , I hope your doing okay too friend safe hugs :hug: If ok?

      I've been rushing around alot the past couple of day and it's been madness also I've been struggling with some of my problems too which are driving me crazy.


    3. taco_lover


      @Free2Fly hugs are very okay! :hug:

      I'm so sorry you're still struggling. You probably know this, but sometimes it's nice to hear again: it's okay to struggle! I know it feels like we should get over it, and just... put what happened in a box and forget it, but it's not that easy. So it's really okay if it takes longer than you thought it would, and it's okay to still be hurt by it. 💛

      (I'm probably misreading your post, but just to clear up if my answer was confusing last time: I was refering to the WWII anniversary, that it made things surreal. I can only imagine the pain of having an anniversary - my assault happened during a time frame, so I can't pinpoint/remember a certain date anything happened, it's all one thing in my head.)


    4. Free2Fly


      @taco_lover, thank you, I don't know if I've been told that before to be honest, but yeah it's a case of good days and bad days.

      No your ok I misread your other reply but yeah it's okay.

      More hugs if you want them :) , :hug:

  7. Your welcome :) , I'm sorry you've tried all that and haven't had any success, don't give up though there might be more out there that you could try.
  8. Hey, I'm sorry you've been through that, honestly maybe try some meditation stuff to help calm your anger, for me breathing exercises sometimes helps.
  9. Hi, welcome I'm sorry you were struggling to feel like you belong.
  10. Hi, a little bit ago now there used to be a bug with the signature thing, the forum software is seriously buggy it always has been but yeah message the mods they might have a fix for it.
  11. Free2Fly


    Hi welcome , It's nice to meet you, purple is a cool colour .
  12. The world is becoming even more scary... Violence everywhere & now apparently disease outbreaks :( more to worry about.

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