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  1. I don't talk much about health but found out I have cancer round 2.   I'm going to throw a shindig just cuz I can.  I'm going to grab me a shake since I'm out and about.  Leave me a positive comment.  Looking to celebrate something good with you.  Your good news is encouraging to me.  Ready? Set? Post! 

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    2. Hawkgirl



      :yahoo:  I am happy for your good news my friend!  Sending you lots of safe hugs. :hug:


    3. Hawkgirl



      :bubble::bubble: :bubble: :bubble:   I am so happy for you!!! I am jumping for joy!!  Yay!!!! 

      I know you will do fantastically!   Have you decided which area of law you will be studying?   Go for it!  

    4. Hawkgirl



       Quitting is not an option.  Quitting is not even in the building. Cancer makes me angry.  The mere idea it came back reminds me of how sneaky and pervasive it is.   I am whipping out my nth metal mace on this one.   You are the strong one here.  You and I are going to make it through this too.    Keep your chin up.  Sending you lots of safe hugs. :hug:

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