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  1. I'm new too! It's totally fine to not want to disclose everything. I'm very hopeful that you'll find the support you need
  2. Yes, I think it'll be very helpful just to have some people I can talk to. I'm very happy to have found this site, I feel like it'll help me a lot to just talk through some things that are difficult to discuss with people who haven't gone through the same sort of thing.
  3. Hi! My name is Anna. I'm a 21 year old survivor in school at the University of Georgia. I've been dealing with my trauma, mostly on my own, for three years. I like to think that I'm constantly feeling better, getting better, and am a very hopeful person in general. I'm a student by day, and a bartender by night I love my job, my friends, and living life to the fullest. I also am the emcee for an improv group on campus that preforms at a lot of conventions. I enjoy studying languages, writing, cooking, and knitting, and lots of other things. I also love TV! I'm currently in
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