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  1. Boop

    therapy today

    That really sux. I dont understand how Ts can sometimes just not seem to care. Mine is amazingly awesome and has saved my life many times just by listening. If you can find one like mine you will be set. Its really not fair when the people we lean on refuse to hold us up, the fall feels longer every time.
  2. Hi. i just saw that you are into martial arts, xo am I :) It took me awhile to be able to grapple cos i hate being touched but after nearly a year i love it. I do Kiado Ryu Martial arts with my 8 year old son. I have learnt so much about self defence and self discipline. I have just started teaching the new kids, mostly 5-7 year olds the basics and i love it.

    from Boop (Esther) 

  3. Boop

    Writing down my thoughts

    Wow thank you for being so honest in your writing. I have anxiety and recurrent depression and I can really relate and understand where you are coming from. Especially around what people are thinking of me, i seem to be able to read judgement in ever look. Panic attacks are so scary and I feel for you and everyone of us who has to deal with them. I am waiting to be officially diagnosed with PTSD but my therapist says I defiantly have it. None of those things have to define me but they do, you have inspired me and boosted me alot. Thanks.
  4. Boop

    New boop

    Thanks guys, Look forward to journeying with you
  5. Boop

    New boop

    Hi. Iv been searching for a place to chat and vent and get some support. At a place in my journey where 20 years of suppressed anger, fear and grief is coming out and I really don't know what to do with it. I SH and self medicate and sleep my pain away but I also have counselling and acupuncture which are excellent. Hope to meet some peeps my age too since I have no friends. Boop
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