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  1. ambird

    Writing down my thoughts

    Dear JBC13, I am really moved by what you wrote, motivated too. I hope you don't feel like the last 5 years were wasted because it seems to me that you've come a long way already. I have has panic attacks and understand wanting to be home because that's where you feel safest. I lock my bedroom door every night too. Thank you for telling your story. We have lot in common. When you wrote, "Oh my god I have so much time on my hands this is awful. I like feeling busy, I like feeling productive, when I have time on my hands; I think, and when I think, I get depressed." I thought to myself
  2. Is there a way to like people's responses to your posts, because I really really really appreciate them...
  3. Cutegirl54, I have struggled with the same problem. You are definitely not alone. <3 I am new to this site and hopefully it can be comforting to us all who have been through this sort of thing. <3
  4. I'm not sure how any of this works. My entire life I've been wearing this mask and I recently realized I wasn't getting very far... I feel like nobody knows me, but I also feel like nobody would want to know the real me. I'm still not sure about all this. I'm scared of falling back into being really sad a lot. I guess what I'm trying to say is I need somebody to see ME. And I need them to tell me that I'm more than enough. I need somebody to tell me I'm not somebody that needs to stop crying or people will think there's something going on at home. I need somebody to tell me I'm not somebody th
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