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    Bent, folded, stapled, and mutilated

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    Ironbound section, near avenue L

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  1. Welcome to After Silence, Ghost. I think I saw you at Pink Cross? I don't post there much but I think we have some things in common.
  2. Welcome to after silence. It is hard to open up.
  3. Hiez! Just so you know. Texas gots horses! Hugzez, Ed
  4. I hope you get back online again soon. I'll watch for you on MSN. Ed.
  5. Phogg


    Hi fishy! gladz to see u here. Hugs and kittens, Ed
  6. Phogg


    Thank you all for the welcome. :xmas2: Sass, how do I get into chat? Ed
  7. Phogg


    Hello, I am Phogg. I am in 4th year of recovery from CSA. I am on some other boards and thought i would come here too because some of my friends are here more often.
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