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  1. Hi Ariel, welcome to After Silence Im sorry to hear what happened, but glad youre here AS is a great community, and I hope you find the support you need. Ashley
  2. Hi Purple Pig, welcome to After Silence Youll find people in all different stages of recovery, and Im sure youll fit right in Im sorry for the reason youre here, but glad you found us. AS is great for support. Ashley
  3. I dont know if youve been sent the password, but Ill send you it now And welcome Ashley
  4. Welcome to After Silence LetItDie My name is Ashley and Im a member of the Newbie Support Team. Im here to help you get comfy and situated on the board, so if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk, please feel free to PM me anytime AS is a great community and youll find support and understanding here. While Im sorry for what brought you here, Im glad you found us. Ashley
  5. mjfree, First, welcome to After Silence. Second Im sorry youre hurting. It was very brave to tell your husband, and to join this site. And we are all here for eachother on the board, so you can share as much or as little as you want on here Ashley
  6. Hi Astro29, welcome to After Silence AS is a great community. Im sorry for the reason youre here, but glad you found us. AND, Im proud of you for writing it out. Take good care, Ashley
  7. it still does it to me, but like you said, if i wait a couple minutes and refresh, it works
  8. Hi angelgirl79, welome to After Silence Having a good T is great, and AS is an awesome place for support and friends. I hope you find it as helpful as we have. Ashley
  9. Hi Mousie, For me, I didnt choose my T, he chose me. He was my intake person, and when he heard my history, he kept me because he specialized in trauma. It was the most beneficial thing I ever did. I learned a lot, healed a lot... I would recommend a GOOD T to anyone Ashley
  10. Welcome to After Silence Dragonette Im sorry you had to go through what you did, but Im glad you found this place. AS is a supportive and loving community, and I hope you find it as helpful as I have. Ashley
  11. hi missy, welcome to After Silence AS is a great community, i hope you find it as supportive and helpful as we have Ashley
  12. Hi missbekahanne, welcome to After Silence
  13. Hi Ashley! Welcome to After Silence AS is a great community to share with. Very understanding and supportive. Take good care Ashley (too? lol)
  14. Hi Poet, welcome to After Silence
  15. is anyone still checking up on this? i still cant search posts
  16. Hi Footprintsinthesand, welcome to After Silence I love your name, and dont worry about awkwardness. Ive been here forever and Im still awkward Im sorry for the reason youre here, but Im glad you found us. Youll definitely find understanding and support here Ashley
  17. I didnt know that at all either! Thanks for not editing so we could all learn! Ashley
  18. Ashley Marie


    Welcome to After Silence mute Hope you find the support and love you deserve Ashley
  19. Hi LoveAlive and welcome to After Silence AS is a loving and supportive community, and we will definitely be here for you between sessions Ashley
  20. Hi JnJn, and welcome to After Silence Ashley
  21. Hi Aibird, I think we all feel a little awkward to start off, and Im glad youre giving it another go. Even if you dont feel like posting about serious stuff at first, its good to read a bit or try humor and silliness and things like that. Kind of an ice breaker Ashley
  22. i have tried both Google Chrome and IE, both of which still wont let me search my posts. Its been this way for a few days for me
  23. hi minime, welcome to After Silence I think were all scared when we first join, but AS is an awesome community for support and understanding Take good care, Ashley
  24. im having the same problem atm... ive deleted my cookies and history and all that, and I cant look up my own topics or posts?
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