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    Dancing, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Red Flowers, Llamas, Tennis, Outdoors - hiking, camping, four-wheeling, dirt-biking; My job - taking care of adults with mental disabilities, My boyfriend - Josh, Music, Piano, Fitness, Eating clean, Beach, SHOPPING, My family, Dogs, Utah State University, Paris, Perfume Hoarder, and so on and so fourth.

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  1. It's hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.

    1. lily23


      I love this phrase. It's so true. Take care npj. :)

  2. Hey All, I'm Nikki, I am new as of yesterday. I am 19 years old - I enjoy dancing, art, and fitness. I don't know what I am expecting out of this, but thought it was worth a shot. I feel a sense of comfort the more I surf around the site realizing that I really am not alone. The circumstances of meeting are unfortunate, but I look forward to the opportunity to be apart of this great community. Much love -Nikki
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