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    Being a mom, being an elementary music teacher, music, writing, reading, teaching, piano, violin, harp, singing, composition, gaming, cooking, psychology and sociology, supernatural fiction

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  1. In am so sorry that you have a reason to be on AS, but I am glad you found it. You are not alone in how you are reacting; I have been right where you are now, been riding the rollercoaster for a very long time, and I have so much compassion for what you are going through. It's anything but easy. If there is anybody supportive and present in your everyday life, use that. The support of others helps so much, and people in these forums understand what you went through and the trauma it created. Therapy helps some people as well, if you see that as a viable option. I took things to force mys
  2. Straight off, let me say that I have never tried anything like this before. I considered it in the past, finding a support group, and talked myself out of it dozens of times. But I'm here now, although honestly I am not sure what to expect. The thought of committing to something like this scares me to death,truly, but I am willing to give it a shot now. I am a professional, a teacher of elementary children, and the reason I am attempting to connect with other survivors now is because I had a recent epiphany. It boils down to the bare bones of needing to come to some form of acceptance fin
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