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  1. Welcome back to AS Traydog. You have worked hard on yourself, your healing and (sexual) relation. You can be very proud of what you have accomplished thus far. I'm new here and don't remember you, but there may be other members here that will recognise you and offer a warm welcome back. Lilly1978
  2. Hello Holly. That was very brave of you, to share your story with a friend. You have made the first step towards your healing, by acknowledging openly what happened to you. Welcome to AS. Here there is always someone who is able and willing to listen. Light to you and healing. Lilly1978
  3. Welcome MJS, I'm sorry that you experienced hardship. You can always find a listening person here. You are not/nolonger alone. Love and light Lilly1978
  4. Dear Distantdreamer. Welcome to AS. I hope you find the things you need on your way to healing. We're here to listen whenever you need it. Regards Lilly1978
  5. Welcome Somerandomguy, You have survived a hell of an experience. I feel bad that it happened to you: no one should do this to another human being. I admire your determination to face your trouble without being dependent on medicine. Feel free to write and share what ever you want and need. We will be here with you on the path to healing and recovery. Lilly1978
  6. Dear Lize4. Your words are very accurate, when you say that our mothers chose the abuser over her child (ren), out of guilt and shame. I always thought that a mother should be able to take any pain or trouble, in order to save her child. Like an avenging angel, or a lioness defending her cubs. The fact that not all mothers are like that, saddens me. Especially since I am a mother myself now. I will go through fire for my little girl. And on a good day, I can even forgive my mother for being weak and a coward. But most days I am still waiting for her to rescue me. It saddens me that you
  7. Dear LJC88. You hit the nail on the head. I AM waiting for my mother to come help me and rescue me. I need to stop doing tho. I can't just yet. But your insight helps. Thank you.
  8. Thank you all for the kind words. They really help release much tension and tears of relief. I am sad you need to be in this group. But I am glad now for your presence.
  9. Welcome Kelseyjo. I'm sorry for what you went through,; you didn't deserve that. Hopefully you'll find some support and understanding here.
  10. Thank you for your reply. That makes me feel welcome and acknowledged.
  11. Welcome. I hope you can find some understanding and comfort here. I wish you peace of mind and way to get the sleep you need and deserve.
  12. Hi. Thank you for letting me join the group. I am 35 years old, I come from The Netherlands, have a husband and young daughter. For the social safety of my family and the small business that I run, I din't use my real name. Hopefully that won't be a problem. Three years ago I regained the memories of the rape I endured by my father when I was four. I always knew that it happened, but the detailed memories were locked. My mother knew about it and helped to cover it up and prevent shame to the family (from the local community, family, church and workplace. ) What is worse, is that sh
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