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  1. I going to start this with the fact that I am survivor of multiple situations of sexual abuse and rape. It's been an issue for most of my life and there are days where I feel like I've brought it all onto myself. There are also days when I look at my current life and realize that I never asked for those things to happen. My story begins in my childhood. I grew up in a small town with little to no contact with other people my age other than family. My father was a jack of all trades who ended up becoming a mechanic to support us. My mother was a nurse but ended up in prison multiple times due
  2. I guess, this is an introduction of sorts. I've been battling the backlash of the past and feel like it's time to actually reach out to anyone who can understand these feelings. I have no idea where to even begin anymore. There are weeks, months even that I feel fine and that I've overcome and all is well. Suddenly, I feel as though I'm back at square one. Here's to hoping I find some clarity.
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