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  1. Field8

    the forest

    Sitting with you if okay
  2. I cannot believe that I am not seeing T for over a week and a half. This is not going to be good.

    1. ActivistAlly


      You can do it.  Your friends at AS will be with you too!

  3. Way beyond tired :sadang:

  4. Field8

    guilty insomnia

    Sitting with you outside your door so hopefully you can get some sleep Much safe hugs Fieldy
  5. Day 2 of no sleep. This is not good!

  6. Feeling worse after T and Pdoc. It is going to be a bad week.

    1. ActivistAlly


      Sorry it feels that way.  things might change for the better?


    2. forestmistheather


      Hey - give yourself some space and time.  T & Pdoc sessions, especially in the one week, can really know the stuffing out of you.  Just try and do some nice things for yourself, and take it easy on yourself for the next few days.  Thinking of you,

      Forest x

    3. Alastriona


      Take it easy,  and hopefully things will look up and a lot better for you. 

  7. Oh brother tomorrow I have to deal with family

  8. Thank you Rose for getting back to me. I did post in Help desk that someone there said they would get back to me and that was such a while go. You Rock Rose!!!!!! Fieldy
  9. Can anyone please help to get rid of the notifications once I have read them?????????????????? Fieldy
  10. Things are getting too much again

    1. teleah


      sitting with you hon always, sending strength so you can get through this (((((field)))))

    2. forestmistheather


      (((Fieldy))) you'll get through this, I believe in you.  Sitting with you for as long as you want and need me.  PM me if you want to chat.

      Forest x

  11. I lost it

    1. forestmistheather


      Hey Fieldy,

      Not so good at the moment?  Would it help if I sat with you?  Sitting with you for as long as you'd like me.  You may feel lost my friend, but trust me, you are not to me.  To me you are found, and I'm very glad I did so I must say.  Just take it easy on yourself okay?  And inbox me if you want to chat.

      Forest x

  12. watch out Fieldy is in a very foul mood

  13. Worried about tomorrow

  14. Hi to both of you and welcome!!!!!! I would start with finding a therapist ( known as T around here). Post as much as you feel as you need to get others input. Good luck to the both of you. Fieldy
  15. just got home and saw this.......RIP my friends

  16. Hi Skye, Its Teen one of Fieldy's insiders. I wish that she would stand up like Copper would. Please tell her awesome from me. How are you doing?
  17. Sorry no words today but we totally understand the post therapy crash that includes the need and want to cut. Can we sit with you all? Fieldy and Us
  18. Field8

    The Wall

    Hi Skye, Its teen one of Fieldy friends. You all did awesome today. Hope its okay that we talk also. Take safe care okay. ByeBye
  19. Hi Orange, We are so sorry that you are having to be the strong dependable one. My teen is sometimes more dependable than I am. Know that you can talk to us anytime. Take safe care. Fieldy and Us
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