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  1. rabbit ;( 

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    2. Annie7


      You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will write you. 

    3. Annie7


      :hug:thank you for keeping me in your prayers Rabbit

    4. RabbitDude


      You're very welcome Miss Annie.  Thanks for your kind email too.  I'm still trying to get my gmail account to work right but I get emails.  I guess I decided if I gave up they would win, and that was one thing I was not going to let them take from me.  So I got up.  Part of what Im doing now is trying harder to connect in real life, it's why I'm not on much.  I have learned this much, God loves us just as we are.   It doesn't matter what the world says about us, only what He says, and He says we are a masterpiece.  So yes, you are loved and I'll keep praying for you too!  Rabbit!  :lindybunnie::lindybunnie::lindybunnie:

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