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  1. macie , glad you are here. sorry you are having a hard time. hope to hear from you soon. thanks for offering the chance to PM as well. I will figure out how to do that soon, I think. Poet
  2. Hi Needs2recover - Welcome. I am glad that you found this place and I'm sorry that you went through what you did. Poet
  3. Hi Nae - Ashley!!!! welcome to the group. I'm new too and am glad you found this place. Poet
  4. Poet


    Thanks Macie and welcome to you too.
  5. Poet


    thanks everyone - Found, Astridel, Ashley Marie, Sam and Alp and all who've peeked in. I appreciate it. I'm having a really hard time today and this last week. I'll go more into it in the private forums soon. I don't seem to have the words yet, but it is good to be here. Poet
  6. Poet


    Hi, I'm Poet. I am 33 and originally from Chicago. Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. Poet
  7. Poet


    Hi, Welcome! I'm also new to the group, but I thought I would say hello. Poet
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