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  1. Thank you for your responses to my posts. I don't usually have the energy to respond to everyone unfortunately. I just recognized your name once or twice.

    1. feralcat


      No worries Wolfennights… I hope I can be helpful sometimes. I think you’re doing well with complicated, difficult stuff. You have such a good heart and so much strength 🌟💙

    2. wolfennights
  2. heyo, are you feeling any better?

    1. mini.finch


      Thanks for asking. ❤️ I'm doing vaguely better, but struggling with guilt. I'm heading off to bed soon, so I'm hoping I can just sleep and feel better tomorrow! 

  3. I've seen you mention France a fair bit. Do you know any French?

    1. Reyzl


      Hi Wolfennights, yeah, my dad was French so I know some. I'm not bilingual sadly and I'm very rusty but I understand a lot.

      Reyzl x

    2. wolfennights


      That's neat. I took a year of French in high school and a year of Spanish in elementary school. I'm currently learning Japanese. Is French a trigger for you at all?

    3. Reyzl


      Wow they start you early on languages! I bet Japanese is interesting. No not really triggered by French except for the odd thing my dad used to say. I learnt Spanish in high school then lived in Spain, and later taught myself Yiddish. That just erased my French - now every time I think I'm speaking French it turns out to be Spanish or Yiddish in a French accent lol!

  4. I just started bawling after listening to the "no means no" song from The Big Comfy Couch. I felt really safe and protected, especially when Loona said "no is a power word." Now I feel embarrassed watching and having that reaction to a show for pre schoolers. But its still wholesome and I highly recommend it.
  5. Anyone available to talk?

    1. feralcat


      🌻🌼🌻🐥🐐🦙 (wasn't around Monday pm, so sending you flowers and cute baby animals. Maybe try posting in Gathering place to talk if you'd like?)

  6. Tbh the downtime and upgrade made me nostalgic for when my old forum would go down for days at a time as a kid. Looks great!
  7. I want a month long vacation where all i do is rest while someone comforts me and brings me food and touches my head. As a kid I'd often wait for My mother to turn on my light, sit on my bed, and wake me up in the morning. Even when my alarm had already gone off. I miss when the worst thing i had to worry about was if a girl liked me back. I miss horseback riding with My mother. Weirdly enough i used to feel safest in hospitals.
  8. This must have been very hard for you to write. As for why you trusted him, you were a child/student and he was a teacher/adult. He was someone who was supposed to protect and nurture you, someone you and all your classmates were supposed to trust. He took advantage of that trust. You didn't do anything wrong.
  9. My disabilities and birth defects made me a stressful child and i was the youngest of three. Children are not little adults. Feeding your child and taking them to the doctor doesn't earn you "mother of the century" awards. I feel so hurt and ignored and like an object around you, mom. All my life. I shouldn't feel more safe and loved by my doctors and teachers and occupational therapists. So many times I wanted them to take me home instead. I don't believe you or anyone else when you say you loved me. The logic i followed for Tyler was the same logic i applied to you. That love meant doing wh
  10. What forum would a post about parents being functional alcoholics growing up be put under?

    1. MeBeMary


      I am sorry you experienced this. :(

      I believe this type topic could fit under a few different forums, depending on how you wanted to discuss it.

      1. Psychological Well-being, if it is about it effected you.
      2. Venting, if it something you need to...well vent it.
      3. Aftermath, if it really is a bit of everything.

      Sitting with you, if you like. :hug: if ok.

  11. maybe one day I'll Learn to stop apologizing for being human.

    1. MeBeMary


      Sitting with you. :hug:  if ok.

    2. 8888


      I need to learn this too.  :hug:from me too if wanted.

  12. might be facing homelessness and car-lessness in December, week before finals week of my last semester of my Bachelor's.

    1. snmls


      I'm sorry to hear this.  I hope it doesn't get to that point.

    2. MeBeMary


      I'm sorry this is a possibility. Sending positive thoughts for many good things to you. :hug: 

    3. Fireflies


      Praying that you'll have a safe place to stay, reliable transportation and that you ace your finals!  

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