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  1. Hey friend it has been so long just saw you online and wanted to say hi!

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    2. wishinuponastar


      I can understand. I try to keep up with the rules, but the way that they change year to year. It is something....Actually I don't think I had a Texan this year. I had a few Pats players, both got injured (Edleman and Lewis) and Flacco (got hurt) was my QB. These were my biggest point getters honestly. I also had the Broncos kicker so it was a good team starting out...just with the injuries :( sigh!

    3. sassmaster2000


      Fantasy sounds so stressful. I just want to root for my team because I like them, and not have to worry about getting points. I'm hoping the NFL can determine what constitutes a catch as this is just getting ridiculous.

    4. wishinuponastar


      Well I play for fun so it isn't so stressful. I feel like it keeps me more connected and engaged. Oh yeah those rules have changed a bit. I kind of like the force out rule well at least when it applies to the other team and keeps them from a TD!!

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