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  1. Pained


    Hi Lynn Thank you very much for your message, it touched me and meant a lot to me. I will contact you and let you know when I need a question answered or any other need that may arise. Right now I just would like to know how the chatrooms work, they appear disabled to me and unaccessible. Other than that I am very happy here, am learning a lot of things and more importantly am learning to let to and heal, something that seemed impossible a while back.... its great having good days!!!! Thanks again!
  2. Pained


    Hi guys I am fairly new at the site and it took a while for me to register, now that I have and have spent a lot of my time going through the different forums, reading what other survivers are feeling and doing to recover... it has really made me feel better in a lot of bad days I have. Would like to connect and buddy with any survivor who would like to keep in touch as I find it difficult to interact with a large crowd of people, though I would prefer a large crowd of people to be around when I have my off days. Just hope to grow from this forum. Can't wait to meet all of you.
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