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  1. You are the most amazing friend!


    1. Annie7


      :throb: i needed to hear that, and you are the only human who ever said it. i love you. 

    2. bandgeek1022


      Well it's the truth!

    3. Annie7
  2. you are beautiful :)


  4. Sara, I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am glad you have found this place as it has helped me a lot. You sound like you must be really brave to be starting to seek support through this. Most of the forums here are pretty well described. I know that to share your story you have to have 10 posts in other forums to unlock that one. Good luck on your journey.
  5. Hey there Band!  Just wanted to say hey and hope you are having a great day or have had a great day.  It is after 3am here so I am going to try to go to sleep now. :-).  Keep looking up. :-). 

  6. i was just thinking about you today nice to see you 

    1. bandgeek1022


      Thanks. That makes me feel special.

  7. (((((((field)))))))

    1. Field8



  8. Does anyone have any suggestion for starting the conversation? I want to tell someone. But don't know how to begin.
  9. Hey I am also new. I joined earlier today. I am 17 and don't know if I am ready to discuss what happened yet either. Just know that I am a good listener though.
  10. Hi I am 17 and new to the site. I don't really know how to start this whole thing. And to tell you the truth I am kinda scared to tell my story. I don't know where to begin. Any suggestions. Or anything that you think would be helpful.
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