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  1. It is nice to feel so welcomed. Feeling like I belong
  2. I am sorry if I am not making sense. Being vocal about it to strangers. I do not talk about it in my real (offline) life. The reason...I did finally tell....I got the typical line....IF it did happen why didn't you tell. So it was never spoken of after that. I suppressed memories for a very long time. Had a "traumatic" event occur in October which has rattled alot lose in my head. I have been so occupied until now with surgeries and doctors visits and was able to hold off. That has stirred up alot of things. Now I am forced to deal with things. So I found this site and told myself I C
  3. Okay so I already posted in here once. Why does it feel so wrong? I am wondering if anyone else has felt like that when they first came here? Funny thing is a song that comes to mind by Dolly Parton...It's all Wrong...but it's alright....thats part of the song and thats what i am telling myself.
  4. Thank you. I am just unsure of alot of things. Second guessing myself for doing this. But then again it is my insecurities. Will I be accepted? Do I belong? Should I really be talking about this? I am sure the same things others ask. I will take it one step at a time. Good luck to you too
  5. Thank you for allowing me to join. Suffered multiple forms of abuse. The sexual abuse is the hardest. I am hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Right now all I see is darkness. But the flashbacks light that tunnel with horrible visions. That is not the light I am trying to reach. Is there really any other light? A traumatic event recently has shaken loose all the things I have worked so hard to lock away.Is there an erase button to our minds? I am trying to find mine and can't. So therefor I am forced to live it all over again.
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