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Life Is A Struggle



blog-0710197001407345746.jpgThe struggle continues today with phases of hungry t not hungry and very sleepy to not sleepy.... nothing on TV no good music no friends to chat with.. Can things get any worse than they currently are ?? I just need a break from all of this stress a break from depression cause IRS driving me crazy.......... When does it get easier when does the pain stop when do the voices shut up... that's the worse part the voices that tell me I'm no God that I deserve to suffer. I can't make them shut up I just want them to shut up.... I want to be normal again.......


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I can relate. I hate that either of us can, but I'm glad I'm seeing stuff that I am relating to because now I feel like I'm going to be able to get a lot of what I'm looking for here. I'm sorry all this is controlling you and I hate that feeling myself. What type of help have you received besides here? hope to keep in touch!

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I can also relate to this, the self loathing is the worst, when I go to bed I pray I will never wake up, it's like being in hell, your always saying to yourself when are things going to go right when will I be pain free, like thousands off others I can't be open and honest to my family people probably think I'm nuts, truth is it is not nuts just to many bad things have happend I just want peace, i would love to be happy but think that will never happen to me. Does it really get any better?

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