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Falling Apart



blog-0093333001407271331.jpegLast month was tough I felt like I was falling apart every day was something new. Depression really got to me I felt like I was struggling to even get out of the bed most days.. a lot of days I didn't, my life seems to be coming apart and I have no way to stop it. Some times I come on here and even that doesn't help sometimes it makes it worse I feel ignored here and when I don't I feel like I'm playing the victim which I try not to. Some days I just really need someone to talk to and for someone to listen to what's going on in my head. 34 days and still continuing of this current struggle. I know I'm stronger than this but I can't keep pretending I'm OK when I'm not I can't keep smiling when I just want to run away and never look back.... I can't take back my power and I feel I have lose all control again..... this is my story welcome to my train wreck of a life.


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