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Hi I'm seekingfaith I'm starting this blog so I can write everyday as a form of coping. I guess I should start with why I'm actually here. I'm a survivor like most people here and I wanted to start sharing more of my story with everyone my day to day life with depression and the struggles.... Right now depression is the worse I think I hate the good days more then the bad. Because the good days I don't understand why I'm so happy. I'm hoping to be able to learn how to cope with writing everyday and being more open with how I feel .... thank you to all in advance who read my blog :-) Seek answers seek power seek faith

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Hi seekingfaith. I have found much healing through journalling and blogging. I hope it helps you!

I can relate to not being able to enjoy the good days. We're so used to the bad days that when something good happens, we question it.

I hope your depression does lessen and that you can begin to enjoy the good. You deserve it! :)

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