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Orange Pith



Orange here, one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and I will stick to them. Blog time.

Greetings, y'all. I am, as the disclaimer above said, Orange. I know that this space is usually reserved for Skye, but she's not here at the moment. I am.

A few weeks ago we had some issues with Insiders posting here on AS without supervision or permission. Copper about went nuts! She is incredibly protective of this place...and her place within the community. That led to a sign posted directly in our line of sight that declares that only three members of this System have permission to post on AS: Copper, Skye... and me.

Mostly I keep out of things. I read posts and occasionally suggest a comment, but I rarely do any commenting. If nothing else, I figure it's confusing enough to the community keeping track of two entities under one name (Copper and Skye). I don't mind staying backstage.

So why am I posting now? Mostly to blow off steam.

Yesterday was Easter. Nobody had a particularly good day. Most of the adults are still in hiding. For that matter, so are the kids. All that's left is sensible, reliable Orange to haul this body from A to B to C to D.

Maybe when Skye comes back from wherever she's hiding I can disappear for a while. Duty kept me from shattering yesterday. I still need to, but I won't until I know somebody's here to manage the body.

I'll be okay...later. But for now I'm just being stubborn. It will be a relief to crash and burn for a while.

Sometimes being the quiet, solid, dependable one sucks.


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Isn't it the pits when your suppose to be the dependable one. I am sorry that everyone is hiding but now since Easter is over with hopefully the others will return from their mini vacation.

Its ok to vent, I do all the time, and sometimes I hear my Little One venting about things that she thinks are detrimental to me. Which at this moment is all the time.

Hopefully, when Skye or Copper comes back you are able to go on your vacation and rest and relax and recharge yourself.

Take good care of yourself until the Others come home.


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Hi Orange,

We are so sorry that you are having to be the strong dependable one. My teen is sometimes more dependable than I am. Know that you can talk to us anytime.

Take safe care.

Fieldy and Us

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Hi Orange,

I hope you get your down time when the others return. Just wanted to let you know my inbox is always open if you need to vent!

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Gonna keep this short 'cause the body is about to drop. Copper is back and more or less back to normal. (Well, Copper-normal, which may or may not have any relation to the standard definition of the word!)

Skye is still MIA. The official stance is that we won't start to worry for two more days. I started worrying some time ago. Much as they spar and posture, she really does like and respect Teacher. Today was art T day...and still no Skye.

At least one of our leaders is back in action. I'm a props and costume person, leave the stage and limelight to folks who actually like it!

Thanks for the kind words, Alas and Fieldy and Wolf. I appreciate your care. And yes, I did get my rest, finally!

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